Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who is to Pay the Tab?

I am writing in response to the three following (Council of Canadians) exceptional flyers seeking to inform the Canadian populace by unseating commonly-held myths.

1. The myth of the ‘European solution’ A closer look at the U.K., France and Sweden shows the advantages of public health care
2. The myths of for-profit health care
3. Profit is not the cure Canada’s health care system is under threat

I recently received the latest newsletter from “PROFIT® is Not the Cure". At one and the same time as I received a newsletter from another (unaligned group), RE: the latest article from an investigative journalist of very high quality: Evelyn Pringle (http://www.opednews.com/author/author58.html ), which you may view at: OpEdNews Original Content at

October 9, 2007 FDA Industry Insiders Derail Approval of New Cancer Treatments

In Canada the argument is "Profit is Not the Cure" as we persistently struggle to maintain OUR public healthcare against steady encroachment by the medical industry, i.e. it is steadily being gutted by private-public partnerships (politicians/CEOs). BUT:

What the public does not know is that - it “don't” really matter who pays the tab -- the core problem with healthcare is that it is corporate-controlled (for-profit) from every perspective and in every aspect, producing astronomical profits for the few, while wreaking human misery and an early death (debilitation/disability/depopulation) for everyone in general. As far as I can judge, those who have privatized the most (U.S.) have in consequence a much clearer understanding of established medicine in its wanton disregard for the sanctity of life.

I noticed when I clicked the action button at the “Profit Is Not the Cure” site – straight away I can “write to Harper” backed up with a “write to my MP”. Now why would we do this? The Conservative promote Private-Public Partnerships as a weapon to privatize – literally everything. Now why would I write to my MP who is a Liberal? The Liberal/Conservative Party plays ping-pong with our votes, while promoting the exact same corporatist platform. “Corporatism is Fascism”. Mussolini

Why not directly – inform - the Canadian Peoples who are/have been/will be fed upon by the established (corporate, institutional, professional) medical industry? A creative option already accessed by Council of Canadians are the above-mentioned flyers, but with a difference. Instead of providing argumentation over examples of healthcare “systems” [read PhRMA Factory (Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturers of America)]--Let’s provide examples as to what it is we are actually paying for, when we support “public healthcare”. And in so doing provide the Canadian populace with a greater understanding as to – why it is our public healthcare “system” may be having a problem in “paying the piper”.

I would suggest informing myth bustin’ examples pertinent to alternative, independent (to/from manufacturer’s meme expressed in corporate media), objective science truths that are primarily involved in medical expenditures. By this I mean – little stories from ‘round the world -- guiding the reader into processing thought for themselves and in consequence, doing their own research by further questioning the validity of established medicine paid for by their tax dollar, having first obtained some clue as to why it is that medicine is so damned expensive—regardless of who is paying the tab. i.e. provide the Canadian populace with some tools to envision the many creative money-saving, albeit rarely patentable ($s), options available to us.
Possible examples of wilful immunosuppression and disease-mongering…

1. AIDS does not exist as it is defined by established medicine. HIV does not equal AIDS. AZT kills. An example story of human misery (physical disease and mental distress) and death might also note the three dozens of diseases directly related to malnutrition and more related to unsanitary conditions that are products of human displacement (Africa) that are all presently being labelled as AIDS, for which expensive AZT is the “medicine”.

2. Vaccination does not exist as it is defined by established medicine. Having antibodies in one’s body does not equal freedom from disease. Vaccines maim and kill. An example story of human misery (physical and mental distress) and death-evasion might also note that private insurance companies do not cover “acts of God” and vaccination, in accordance with how this worked its way out, as a part of an individual’s life story.

3. Cancer does not exist as it is defined by established medicine. Having a malignant tumor does not equal fatal disease. Cancer treatments maim and kill. Example story might be an individual’s story of return to productive health, while noting that their medical practitioner is being harassed out of practice, in accordance with for example: Codex Alimentarius regulations (Health Canada/FDA).

4. Mental Illness does not exist as it is defined by established medicine. Being overwhelmed by a peak episode of mental distress, a consequence of problems in living (oppression, repression, suppression), whether realised or not, does not equal an organic brain disease. Psychiatric treatments (drugs, electroshock, surgery) maim and kill. Example story might be that of an individual maimed for years/decades (debilitation/life-long disability) by established Health and Human Service Industry, but through supportive, psychosocial mechanisms they found holism, peace, and functionality through a mind-healing into a spirit recovery.
The title of such a pamphlet might pertain to the extravagant costs of for-profit medicine. You might begin with a definition for Iatrogenesis. An example from my latest book “Little Davey--View of Reality” (ChipmunkaPublishing, U.K.) as follows…

In 1974, Ivan Illich popularised a term, Iatrogenesis, for the ‘new’ epidemic of doctor-made disease –
• Clinical, when sickness is caused by medical care;
• Social, when health policies reinforce ill health;
• Structural when the medical profession undermines the confidence of people in their
own ability to recover.
Illich I. Limits to Medicine: The Expropriation of Health. London: Penguin Books, 1975.

In his critique of Illich, Vicente Navarro saw that the responsibility for iatrogenesis did not lie with the medical profession but with the powerful corporate classes, which decide what and how health care is delivered. The corporate classes control governments, insurers and PhRMA companies, which, in turn, have almost taken over medical education.
* John Merson calls this phenomenon “Epistemic Capture” meaning the control of knowledge by vested interests.

The costs of corruption and fraud in the established medical industry (beginning with academic indoctrination/programming or professionalism), public brain-washing and meme completion with direct-to-politician propaganda or public-private partnerships will continue to denigrate, negate and finally nullify the health and well-being of the population.

Obviously, public healthcare cannot survive based solely on pursuing financial considerations of – who is to pay the tab!


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