Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mental Health Parity & SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program

I just received this -- hidden in the bill for childrens' healthcare is a "mental health parity" -- it will be disastrous both to states' capacity to pay and to the massive #s of additional children who will suddenly be ingesting these damaging toxic drugs, while those already receiving will be subjected to increased polypharmacy. Only those profiting off of the damage perpetrated through greater dissemination of these chemicals will gain.

Excerpted Statement from Vince Boehm:
We all know that President George W Bush vetoed the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, called SCHIP. A proposed bill recently passed in the Congress to expand SCHIP from $5 billion yearly by $35 billion over five years was vetoed by George W. Bush.

SCHIP covered 6.9 million children at some point during Federal fiscal year 2006, and every state has an approved plan. States are given flexibility, and an enhanced match is paid to states. Some states have received Section 1115 demonstration authority to use SCHIP funds to cover the parents of children receiving benefits from both SCHIP and Medicaid, pregnant women, and other adults. However, the program is already facing funding shortfalls in several states.

Now we see yet another Pharma assault on poor kids and children of color deeply buried in the fine print of this massive document. This bill for the first time contains mental health parity and eliminates a provision to ration mental health services in states that already provide this to SCHIP recipients. This provision will do nothing more than fatten the bottom lines of drug companies and their insurance industry friends.

The violence initiative is alive and well. We have witnessed time and again the misuse of powerful psychoactive drugs on children, even those without a psychiatric label. Adding psychiatry on the proposed massive scale could easily double the costs for this program and perhaps push these already beleaguered states into bankruptcy and default. It will add billions to the federal budget, and will produce overwhelming negative outcomes for the kids.

I certainly do not oppose expanding general health care to children who need it, but oppose spending tax payers dollars to finance the violence initiative. I oppose the catastrophic collateral damage that a massive influx of psychoactive meds will leave in it's wake for these 10 million children.

The issue has not been reported as such in the media.
If passed this will be a disaster.

Below is a list of those who voted no on the original bill. It is important that you contact these Congressmen and tell them why you do not support the extension of mental health services to these 10 million children. They are under massive pressure to pass this bill, and need a way to reach a compromise on this situation. Taking out the mental health provisions will accomplish this.

Call other Congressmen as well and express your concerns.

This is a money issue. The lawmakers need a bargaining chip, and the mental health issue will fill the bill. If the lawmakers eliminate the mental health provision in conference and the cost will come out in the affordable range.

Tell your Congressman why the mental health provision should not be passed.

Please Act Now!

If your Representative is on the following list, call today and urge him or her to vote NO for health insurance for children in low-income working families if the mental health provisions are included. And if you know people in those states, forward this email and ask your friends and colleagues who are constituents to make the call.

You may find your members of Congress by entering your zip code or searching for them by name at or call 202-225-3121 to be connected.

Target List of Representatives

AL Robert Aderholt
AR John Boozman
CA Brian Bilbray
CA John Doolittle
CO Marilyn Musgrave
FL Gus Bilirakis
FL Ginny Brown-Waite
FL Tom Feeney
FL Rick Keller
IL Judy Biggert
IL Tim Johnson
IL Peter Roskam
IL Jerry Weller
LA Rodney Alexander
MI Joseph Knollenberg
MI Thaddeus McCotter
MI Tim Walberg
MN Michelle Bachman
MO Sam Graves
NJ Rodney Frelinghuysen
NJ Scott Garrett
NJ Jim Saxton
NY Randy Kuhl
OH Steve Chabot
OR Greg Walden
PA John Peterson
TX Kay Granger
VA Thelma Drake
VA Randy Forbes

Republicans Who Didn't Vote
CA Wally Herger
Barbara Cubin

Vince Boehm

The information herein shall not be considered an endorsement of anyone discontinuing psychiatric drugs. If you are stopping taking medication it is advisable to reduce the dose gradually WITH EXTREME CAUTION, as it is difficult to predict who will have problems withdrawing. It is worth getting as much information and support as you can, and involving your doctor wherever possible. You will find withdrawal information here:

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