Saturday, August 25, 2007

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* On August 24th, senior officers of the Sureté du Quebec held a press conference at their headquarters in Montreal. The Quebec Police Force has confirmed that three of their officers were dressed as protesters at the Montebello, Quebec meeting of NAFTA leaders on Monday, August 20th. But the Sureté denies accusations from protest organizers that the men were acting as "agents provocateurs" sent to disrupt the protests or incite violence.

! Define Agent Provocateur !

1) Why were the police disguised in street clothes?

2) Why were their badges not clearly displayed?

3) Why did one carry a rock and refuse to put it down, preferring to behave in an intimidating, threatening manner while carrying it—toward elders his parents’ age?

4) Why did they resist taking off their masks concealing their identity?

See Photos/Videos: YouTube and also This Blog (click graphics)

* Also, in Toronto, Canada's Chief of Defence Staff, General Rick Hillier, and Defence Minister Peter MacKay spoke to a rally in

? support of Canadian troops in Afghanistan?

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