Sunday, September 16, 2007

All About "Jelly Beans", Eh!


SPP Montebello meeting’s “jelly beans” directly equates to a N. American (signed in secret) Plan for Avian/Pandemic Influenza --

See website: Fact Sheet & Full Document

Integration is happening and it is an elite owners (private bankers via corporate CEOs), globalist agenda to rob representational governance from the people. Our already compromised sovereignty, itself a High Treason conspiracy, combines with health fear-mongering in a classic terror tactic used by mafia-style protection rackets to push the globalist agenda.

We are now under UN Regulatory Control during any medical emergency with Avian Flu being the scam to initiate the procedure.


  • A recent historical reference - Avian Flu has killed up to 150 people world-wide over the last 4 years!
  • A late 20th C historical reference: Swine Flu & President Ford – one man died from swine flu, 220 million peoples were inoculated, thousands died from (highly-profitable) vaccine and swine flu never materialised.

The SPP plan that emerged from Montebello includes US-NORTHCOM, a continental military command in domestic emergency situations and which already controls Canada’s military (2002), will function under UN command in the eventuality of an Avian Flu epidemic.

Would you put it past globalists to use health emergency terrorism to obtain total control-over?

The SPP Montebello plan dove-tails with:

  • Robert Pastor (CFR) last year saying that – “out of terrorism, out of crisis, out of economic collapse – we will have our NAU” (North American Union).
  • David Nabarro’s speeches (investigated by Jerome Corsi, author The Late Great USA (with 30 pages of footnotes to government websites), investigative journalist for World Net Daily) quotes Cheney as stating, “Race specific bio-weapons are useful”.

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There is tons of stuff on view on my blog. Please help yourself.

This is a GREAT IDEA for a blog.

I posted an item to OpEd News in order to set up a toolkit for people to have education on the SPP/NAU to use at "youtube" parties. So if I can help in anyway, just drop a comment on my blog.

You'll be highly busy if you pursue this, as it takes mew hours a day to go through the items I get to make sure they aren't doubles or loaded with racism and hatred (which many are).